If you feel like you've been seeing more and more film and television sets as you drive around the Hudson Valley, you're not imagining things. The Hudson Valley Film Commission (HVFC) reports that 2022 is "on pace" to break production records recently set in 2021. So how much money is exactly being brought to our area?

Movies and TV Shows Shot in the Hudson Valley, NY

For the last 22 years, the Hudson Valley Film Commission has acted as the liaison for production companies and independent filmmakers, and has "engaged, supported and promoted hundreds of regional Film & TV productions". They help source filming locations, actors and extras, local crew, and more. They also keep track of how much money has been added to our local economy. So far this year, the total is in the tens of millions.

A. Boris
Filming in Poughkeepsie, NY (A. Boris)

The Hudson Valley Film Commission

The commission reports that through the first half of 2022, there has been over $38 million of direct local spending as a result of productions coming to the Hudson Valley. That includes almost 30,000 hotel rooms booked, over 100 different locations rented and more than 1,600 castings of actors and extras. So what shows and movies should you watch to try and spot your favorite local landmark?

batuhan toker
batuhan toker

TV Shows Shot in Dutchess County, NY

There have been over twenty productions in the Hudson Valley this year, but many won't air until 2023 or beyond. Some shows that were filmed in Dutchess County in 2021 that are currently available to watch include Severance on Apple TV, Poker Face on Peacock, and Life and Beth on Hulu. The recent Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin was filmed in Ulster County and is set to premiere on HBO this Thursday, July 28th as well.

Check out even more TV shows and movies with Hudson Valley cameos below, and keep scrolling to see ten more that were shot in Newburgh, NY (including one featuring an Avengers actor).

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