Twenty One Pilots have released the music video for their latest single HeavyDirtySoul and it's go me wondering...where in the heck are they?

The video at it's simplest form is a car, a road, a drummer, a singer and a very heavy...dirty...soul. But in watching the new release I cant help but focus on something that maybe I shouldn't...where are they? What road is that?

The guys are from Ohio so I was wondering it that could be where they shot the video but then I started thinking...what if it was New York? The guys recently spent a lot of time in the tri-state area so you never know...maybe they took a break to shoot the video. I tried to confirm by tweeting Tyler and Josh but sadly no response.

Check out the video and let me know what you think? NY? NJ? Ohio? Or somewhere else? Share your thoughts. Also be sure to check out my recent experience at they guys show in Newark. Amazeballs!


The mystery is solved! Check out the behind the scenes video of HeavyDirtySoul and find out where the video was shot. Hint it is one of locations I mentioned.