I promised you some photos from the Twenty One Pilots show I checked out this weekend and yet again my photography skills escape me.

Although I did get a new phone in hopes of taking better pictures, my seats this time around were farther away. So even though the camera on my phone was much better, my seats were not. Therefore, crappy pictures.

Despite the quality of the shots, I did want to share them and trust me I am not complaining about my seats. Regardless of location, it was an amazing show. I saw them in August and I was a tad nervous that since I just saw them, it would be the same show. But not that case. There were plenty of new surprises, special effects, graphics and the set list was switched up.

There were also some staple performance items like Tyler magically showing up in the crowd.


Always awesome, by the way. And how I manage to yet again be near Tyler when he did it? Well, that is just luck--freaking awesome luck. There was also the hamster ball, multiple efforts to perform on the crowd--yes, I said perform on the crowd--and tons of confetti, all people pleasers.


So I urge you, if you're still on the fence of whether or not to see these guys...wobble no more. Go see them! They have one more show in the area this Wednesday, Jan. 25 at the Times Union Center in Albany.

Hopefully our wonderful photog Chuck will get much better pictures when he checks them out. In the meantime, you can take a look at my crappy pictures below or check out my photo shoot from August. Blurry magic. Very appropriate don't you think?