An actor best known for his work on Twin Peaks and Portlandia made an appearance at the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park last week. On Wednesday, Kyle MacLachlan appeared to discuss food and wine according to a Facebook post on CIA social media.

MacLachlan is partners in a winery in the Pacific Northwest, responsible for producing some of Washington state's best wine according to Wine Spectator. '...Persued by Bear' began putting out limited runs of Cabernet, Rose and Syrah in 2005.

His first run as Special Agent Dale Cooper on Twin Peaks lasted just two years in the early 90s before making a return just this year. Other recent work includes a role as mayor on Portlandia. But you may have also seen him on Desperate Housewives or Sex In The City. My personal favorite was as the recurring 'The Captain' on How I Met Your Mother.

The 14 minute discussion is worth the watch if you have the time.