Two New York cops helped saved a choking puppy that is now being called Lucky.

The owner of the puppy walked into the Eden Police station asking for help with his puppy. The dog was having trouble breathing because there was something stuck in his throat.

Officers Eric Milks and Brian Burgstahler performed the Heimlich maneuver on the puppy and were able to free the object, according to Eden Police. They rushed the pooch to the vet to get checked out and he is now doing well.

The puppy didn't have a name, so Officers Milks and Brugstahler started calling him Lucky. It's unclear whether or not the owner kept the new name, but it only seem appropriate. Either Lucky or named after one of the officers who saved his life.

Firefighter Breathes Life Into Unconscious Puppy

Firefighters breathed life back into a unconscious puppy rescued from a house fire.

The Syracuse Fire Department was called to a fire on Sand Street. Crews arrived within minutes of receiving the call and saw thick black smoke coming from the home.

Firefighter forced their way into the house to search for anyone trapped inside. What they found was a puppy that was unconscious and not breathing. The dog was carried outside and given treatment with a special pet reresection device. "After several minutes the dog began breathing on his own and regained consciousness," the Syracuse Fire Department shared in a press release on their Facebook page.

Credit - Syracuse Fire Department via Facebook
Credit - Syracuse Fire Department via Facebook

The family was not home at the time of the fire. When they finally arrived, they took the dog to the vet to be look at to make sure he'd be ok.

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