Imagine walking out your door one morning and the Earth suddenly takes you under? And according to officials, this hole in the Earth was right in someone's front yard. NBC says that a New York woman fell into a sinkhole walking out her front door Thursday,

And to make matters even worse, two people who came to rescue her also fell into the hole.

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Just last month in December, a massive 30-foot sinkhole opened and subsequently shut down Woodlands Legacy Field in Yorktown indefinitely. Sinkholes were never too common across New York state until recent years, as more intense rainstorms and aging infrastructure have washed away softer rocks and other materials which can cause the earth to open up.


New York Woman Falls in Hole

NBC says that a 71-year-old woman fell into a 10-foot-wide by 8-foot-deep sinkhole Thursday morning. When Suffolk County police said they responded to the call about the woman in the hole, they found two more people down there with her, covered in mud.

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NBC says that a neighbor helped rescue the three with police, by using an extension cord and ladder. Police say all three were taken to the hospital for evaluation, and are okay. Huntington town inspectors told NBC they feel a combination of a water pipe leak and heavy rain resulted in the ground caving in.

Usually, the largest sinkholes are found in states like Florida and Texas in the south. Entire houses have been swallowed by these holes in years past. However, officials warn they are becoming more likely in other parts of the country, including New York.

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