2020 was undeniably one of the toughest years we've all had to face. The COVID-19 pandemic brought about serious financial woes for many across the United States and right here in the Hudson Valley.

Season 2 of the award-winning show, Going From Broke is now streaming on Crackle. The show will follow a group of uplifting millennials "drowning in debt."

According to a press release, this season will focus on "the impact COVID-19 has had" on these individuals "and the heightened financial turmoil it’s caused."

Tina Dierna of Kingston, and Ryan Blakely, of Highland, will be featured in upcoming episodes of the Crackle show. Dierna's episode will be aired on Wednesday, June 3rd and Blakely's episode will air on June 10th.

In the press release, we learn that Tina, who is a single mom with mounting bills and student loans, will be working one on one with "Airbnb co-founder and CEO Brian Chesky to maximize her home as a source of income." In the premiere episode.

Ryan Blakely is a 26-year-old contractor, who lives at home and financially supports his mom who is currently battling stage 3 breast cancer. Blakely will receive financial guidance on how to manage his finances during his episode which will be airing on June 10.

Other inspirational guests will include Executive Producer Ashton Kutcher,  co-founder of Resy, Empathy Wines and VaynerX Gary Vaynerchuk, actor David Costabile, award-winning entrepreneur, investor, and bestselling author Kim Perell, Andi Kirkegaard of Kirkie Cookies and the founder of The Scholarship System Jocelyn Paonita Pearson.

Don't miss season 2 of Going From Broke on Crackle now streaming.




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