Spring is almost here in the Hudson Valley and many residents are ready to hit the trails.

It's no secret, although sometimes we wish it was, that the Hudson Valley is home to some of the most beautiful hiking views. When the weather warms up, outdoor enthusiasts as well as novel hikers, lace up their boots and head to the nearest trailhead.

Hitting the Hudson Valley Hiking Trails

The hiking trails across the Hudson Valley are made for everyone, but you need to do your research before heading out. There are a ton of easy trails for beginners that are just a straight shot out and back, but then there are others that are a bit more challenging.

Challenging can turn to dangerous quickly depending on what trails you hike and how comfortable you are on the trail.

I'm not an expert hiker by any means, but I always take a quick glance at the Hike the Hudson Valley website or the All Trails App to make sure I'd be comfortable hiking certain areas.

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With that being said, after talking with some friends who are more experienced hikers and looking through recent reports we came up with a list of what we believe to be the  5 Most Dangerous Hikes in and around the Hudson Valley.

5 Most Dangerous Hikes in (and around) the Hudson Valley

In no specific order:

1) Breakneck Ridge, 9D Beacon/Cold Spring: If you Google Breakneck Ridge a handful of articles will pop up regarding accidents that happened along the popular rock scramble, including the death of a 25-year-old after a 100-foot fall in 2018 and another hiker falling to their death in 2017.

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2) Kaaterskill Falls, Palenville: In 2021, it was reported that there have been 9 deaths at the falls. In 2018, the New York Times did a Kaaterskill Falls spotlight with the headline "The Deadly Waterfall in the Instagram Age." They explain how 4 of the Kaaterskill deaths were caused by hikers posing or taking photos too close to the ledge.


3) Devil's Path, Elka Park: In 2017, Insider.com named Devil's Path one of the 15 most dangerous hikes in the world explaining that the 25-mile hike sees at least one death annually according to local reports.

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4) Overlook Mountain, Woodstock: While this hike isn't too difficult, during certain months it could be a big more dangerous. Overlook Mountain not only is a hiking trail, but a rattlesnake habitat. So, proceed with caution during the summer months. (Before you ask, yes. You can find timber rattlesnakes in New York State.)


5) Minnewaska/Gertrude's Nose, Kerhonkson: The cracks between the rocks at Minnewaska's Gertrude's Nose pose a serious threat to humans and animals. There have been several reports of humans and pets falling and getting stuck in tight crevasses while hiking the Ulster County trail.


Have you hiked one of these dangerous trails? What trail would you add to the list?

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