An Ulster County man was charged after handling a situation on his terms.

You've seen it before, people speeding through neighborhoods with no regard for children that could be playing, or people walking down the street, etc.

Well, it appears as though a Saugerties man decided enough was enough, and took matters into his own hands.

On August, 23, 2018, Brian W. Armbrust, 50, of Saugerites reached into a vehicle and slapped a driver across the face.

The slap heard around Ulster County came after Armbrust confronted the driver about driving too fast down Emerick Road in the Town of Saugerties.

Armbrust was charged with Harassment, and issued an appearance ticket at police headquarters.

While he shouldn't have slapped driver, I understand where this man was coming from. I mean, this person could be speeding down that road everyday, and the guy finally lost it.

Have you ever had to deal a person speeding down your road, showing no regard for anybody?