There is nothing quite like a day at the spa. Whether this is done by getting a massage, a mani or pedi or even a facial, it's truly the best. The ambiance at day spas are so tranquil and put you in a state of peaceful trance. I love taking time for myself and having those self-care days filled with relaxing massages and soaks. A day at the spa could reduce stress, relieve pain, and help with mental health.

If its been a while, take time for yourself and book that appointment. Here are places within the Hudson Valley that aren’t your ordinary spa. Check out these spots with unique features.

Jacklyn Rose Skin Care, Montgomery, NY

I have been there for facials, to buy products and ultimately experience the infrared sauna pod. Have you ever heard of one before? It looks like a neon cocoon which is so cool, and it made me so relaxed. It combined dry and infrared heat with vibration and aromatherapy. There is the option to increase the heat to burn more calories or turn it down. I was glad I experienced this. Check out the details here.


Haven Spa, Rhinebeck, NY

I love the little town of Rhinebeck, there’s something special about it. The history behind these villages within the Hudson Valley are fascinating. I love the idea being pampering yourself at the spa especially with massages and pedicures. I heard that they have a Champagne Spa Pedicure, and this is something I need to try. A glass of bubbly along with a pedicure and treatment wrap for your feet sounds like Heaven. Count me in for this ideal day. Here’s a list of their services .



Anytime that the word holistic pops up, I’m automatically all ears. I love the idea behind the body healing itself or naturally. This retreat and spa are holistic based within practice of the mind, healthy eating, and a balanced lifestyle. I haven’t heard of a true holistic spa in the Hudson Valley, so I was pumped to share this one. They offer massages with Shiatsu which is essentially acupuncture without the needles. Check out more info here .


Windham Spa

Have you ever heard of palo santo? I recently found out about this herb that is meant to purify and cleanse. I buy it in a bundle at my local crystal shop. However, this spa offers a palo santo pedicure which sounds amazing. It’s known for its healing properties and anti-aging affects. In addition to this, I saw that they also offer a greens-based manicure that ends with a lotus detox treatment. I am totally booking myself a spa day after reading all of this. Check out their services here.

Have you ever been to a spa? What was your favorite experience? Share with us below.

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