An Upstate New York pup with quite the reputation has finally found a home.

You may remember a few weeks ago we shared with you a story about a dog from Upstate New York dubbed the "demon dog." The Niagra SPCA went viral after a post about one of their adoptable dogs made the rounds.

Niagara SPCA
Niagara SPCA

Niagra SPCA Looks For Help

Apparently, a dog named Ralphie was giving them a run for their money. They wrote:

"Ralphie is a terror in a somewhat small package."

Adding that he had some behavioral issues and was an ankle-biter. Unfortunately, Ralphie was adopted 3 separate times and brought back 3 separate times. The Niagra SPCA didn't want to give up on little Ralphie so they sent the pup out for some training.

And it looks like it worked!

Ralphie the Upstate NY 'Demon Dog' Finds a Home

The Niagra SPCA announced last week that Ralphie has finally found a home. They write:

Ralphie joins Jason's pack tomorrow. He'll live with another Frenchie, a Daschund and a German Shepherd. Jason is uniquely qualified because both his Frenchie and Daschund had bite histories before living with him. As for the German Shepherd- well, he is just lovely and super accepting of everyone.
Jason trains dogs for a living for the Department of Energy in Tennessee. His own personal dogs have super active and enriching lives- running marathons, and placing in agility and flyball.

Ralphie's new brothers and sisters are super talented. His sister Cookie, a Frenchie puppy, is a runner. She ran her first official 5K in October with a time of 36 minutes! Arthur the Dachshund is a skateboarder. Lery is a 101 lb German Shepard and was a tracking patrol dog for 8 years. Tizzy is a 10-year-old Jack Russell and competed in agility until she was 7.

Needless to say, Ralphie is in good company and who knows...maybe he'll find a new talent like his brothers and sisters.

You can keep up with Ralphie and his adventures in his new home on his newly created Instagram account, @demondogralphie.

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