A man in a local Facebook group claims he gets offended by the smell of flesh cooking outdoors. Should people cooking outdoors be more accommodating to vegans and vegetarians?

I've been a meat eater my whole life. I don't have any plans on changing that but I do understand that a lot of people have different thoughts about consuming meat. There are a lot of people who aren't carnivores. According to Vegan Bits, there are approximately 1.6 million vegans in the world right now. Vegans abstain from eating meat and also don't consume or use any products that come from an animal like dairy, eggs, honey or leather.

Vegetarians don't eat meat but they do use animal by products. Pescatarians are similar to vegetarians but they do eat fish.

Many people choose these diets for health reasons but also for ethical reasons as well. Do vegans, vegetarians and pescatarians get offended when they see other people eating meat? They may be able to avoid consuming meat but can they avoid smelling meat? Apparently not and one Hudson Valley resident took to a local Facebook group to voice his concern.

Members of the group are not sure if it is a joke or not but the post that has gathered hundreds of comments. A man claims he is a vegan runner in the Hudson Valley and that he gets upset when he's outdoors and smells cooking flesh. He even goes as far as saying the odor is offensive.

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