Is it really so hard to put your shopping cart away? I guess so.

Some people use a grocery store cart and put it back when they're done using it. Other people are absolute barbarians and use the cart only to leave them in parking spaces or the grass. It's an issue that my insurance company seems to love.

I really hope every grocery store manager sees this video. If you're that person who doesn't put their cart back in the corral this is what usually happens to them when you leave.

Has your car ever been hit by a rogue cart? I can count on two hands how many times my car has been hit by a renegade shopping cart. The last time it happened to me the shopping cart was going so fast that when it hit my car, I thought I was rear-ended by another vehicle.

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This is a nationwide issue. Have you ever heard of Cart Narcs? It's a group dedicated to calling out shoppers who don't put their carts away when they're done.

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