Crickey! There's a wallaby on the loose.

It's a wild world out there. I'm not talking about the whole world, just the Hudson Valley. Lions and tigers and wallabies?! Yes, a wallaby is in the Hudson Valley. He's not just here, he's on the loose! According to Orange County Emergency Management's Facebook page, there is a wallaby on the loose in Orange County.

The post says:

"Hey Everyone!! Noah's Park Retreat needs your help! Someone came to the property and let one of our wallabies out of its enclosed. It was last seen at the new development off Maple Ave (Rolling Ridge Rd). If you are here here and see a wallaby/small kangaroo jumping around please call 845-421-5365 or 845-522-7312. It is very skittish so please don't chase it."

A wallaby is similar to a kangaroo in looks. According to Wikipedia, they are a small or middle-sized macropod native to Australia and New Guinea. It is unclear how the wallaby got to the Hudson Valley. It is also unclear why anyone let the wallaby out of its encasement in the Hudson Valley.

According to a comment on the original post of Orange County Emergency Management, the wallaby was recently found and has been returned safely to the Noah's Park Retreat. Still, it remains unclear who did this and why they did it. The wallaby was found safe and is at the retreat currently.

I wish I had more Australian slang to use here. But I guess I can call the jerk who let the wallaby loose a Yankee, does that work?

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