From mask requirements to reusable grocery bags and traffic signs, local stores have implemented a lot rules over the past year. Will we see say goodbye the one-way signs at grocery stores in the Hudson Valley soon?

After almost 7 months Walmart has decided ditch one way traffic lanes in their shopping aisles. Is this something we will see more of in the Hudson Valley?

The coronavirus pandemic brought many changes in our lives. Some of the biggest changes to our daily routines hit our grocery and retail stores. They were some of the first places that required masks upon entry and many other rules soon followed. At first, stores seemed to increasingly get busier within just weeks and items that were always at an abundance became difficult to buy.

To help customers maintain a safe distance stores started implementing traffic signs to help direct them. Specifically, many stores have made their aisles one-way access.

According to Bloomberg, Walmart announced that will resume two-way aisles beginning in October.

Will local stores follow in the mega store's direction?

Did anyone really follow these after a week?


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