The convenience store chain is trying to get you to eat healthier. Seriously.

You know that P90X program. You know about it because that dude/girl from your 10th grade art class that--for some reason--you're friends with on Facebook won't stop posting statuses about how ripped they are from it.

Maybe you know about it because you're like me and can't turn an infomercial off.

Well, now you're going to know about it because of 7-Eleven:

The company has teamed up with P90X creator Tony Horton to address the growing demand for nutritionally balanced food, developing a menu of healthier options that hit shelves Tuesdays at more than 100 [Los Angeles] stores.


Yup, the place that's been hawking cheese-stuffed fried Doritos has gone healthy.

So sure, you might not think of 7-Eleven when you think "health food," but if Ice Cube can go from N.W.A. and Death Certificate to Are We There Yet?, anything in this world is possible.

Basically what I'm saying is: I love 7-Eleven and Ice Cube so much.

Oh, and here's a picture of Ashley Benson with a Slurpee, you're welcome.

Jonathan Leibson/Getty