I saw this story floating around my Facebook timeline yesterday and it was so heartwarming that I had to share it.

Yesterday, Wappingers Falls resident, Stuart Wesley turned 100 years old. According to a Facebook post from Village of Wappingers News and Opinions, Stuart is a WWII veteran and is seen every day bringing an American flag down to his mailbox. After he gets to his mailbox, Stuart posts the flag up, steps back and salutes our flag.

For his birthday, the color guard from the Dutchess County Sheriffs Office, a piper from the Westchester County Emerald Society, a group of veterans from several different organizations around the Hudson Valley and local office officials (including Marc Molinaro) met Stuart as he emerged from his home and made his way to the mailbox with his American flag. The Facebook post and pictures speaks volumes and warms your heart, have a look:

Thank you, Stuart and Happy 100th Birthday!