Officials from the Hudson Valley issued a public health alert due to a rabid fox that was spotted acting aggressively in the region.

On Monday, the Sullivan County Public Health warned the public to stay away from wild animals and be vigilant of their surroundings while camping, hiking or playing in area parks near wooded areas.

Rabid Animal Spotted In Sullivan County, New York

Steve Knight CBS 21 News/FB
Steve Knight CBS 21 News/FB

That's because a rabid grey fox that has been seen acting aggressively was spotted in in the Town of Neversink, officials say.

"Rabies continues to be a concern and risk in Sullivan County. Hunting season and hiking or snowshoeing/skiing brings people outdoors and into wooded areas this time of year, so there is the potential for an increase for encounters with wild animals that can carry rabies," Sullivan County Public Health stated.

Rabies is a deadly disease that attacks the brain and spinal cord. It can be transmitted from infected mammals to humans and other mammals.

Rabies is often most commonly found in raccoons, bats, skunks and foxes. Pets can get rabies if they are not vaccinated to protect them from the disease.

Rabid Fox Caught In Neversink, New York

Steve Knight CBS 21 News/FB
Steve Knight CBS 21 News/FB

The fox that was acting aggressively in Sullivan County was captured by the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation, sent to the laboratory, and tested positive for rabies, officials say.

“There were no known exposures to humans or domestic animals, although it was found wandering near a residential home," Sullivan County Public Health Director Nancy McGraw stated. “With a few basic safeguards, you can help protect your family and pets from being exposed to the rabies virus.”

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Rabies Clinic Coming Soon

Getty Images
Getty Images

A rabies vaccination clinic for dogs, cats and ferrets is now being planned for the Town of Neversink in early December. A time and location has not yet been determined.

Animals in Which Rabies is Most Commonly Found

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, in North America rabies is most commonly found in bats, skunks, raccoons, foxes, and mongoose. It is also found in cats, cattle, and dogs. The CDC says that rabid bats have been found in every state except for Hawaii. Rabid mongoose have been found in Puerto Rico.

Rabies is easily transmitted from animals to other animals, including human beings. Human cases are rare in the United States, but deadly if not caught in time.

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