It might not be as elaborate as a person pretending to play the violin but it is still a scam nonetheless.

If you have been to a store in the Hudson Valley, there is a good chance that you have seen the violin scammers in the parking lot. They first started to appear last winter and now they are seen almost everywhere. The scam has now been reported nationwide.

These scams target people who like to see the good in people.

A new scam has reportedly been happening in New York City involving a chicken sandwich of all things. It's a much easier and cheaper con to pull on unsuspecting victims.

Will this new scam sweep the nation?

Is this scam really happening in New York? This sounds like something that "Slippin'" Jimmy would pull in Better Call Saul. It seems pretty ridiculous.

This must really prey on nice people because if I bumped into someone who was eating a sandwich and they dropped it I wouldn't feel entitled to buy them another one if it was an honest mistake. My guess is that if they are looking to scam you there is a good chance they are not looking where they are going intentionally just to run into you and I think it would be obvious. Also, after a few scams wouldn't the sandwich be all mangled? Who would believe it was just purchased?

Either way, some con artists could pull this scam off with other items as well like a phone, watch or something they say could have sentimental value.