They say any publicity is good publicity, right? Yesterday, not many beyond Upstate New York knew who Heather Kovar was but now everyone is talking about her work as a news anchor after a shocking video of her news report is going viral.

The past few years have not been easy for many of us. The stress that has been building up doesn't seem to be going away. It seems to be growing or hitting people harder. Life can be stressful enough without working in one of the most stressful industries like the media.

A news anchor out of Albany, New York must have been feeling the pressure and now she's been suspended. An anchor in Albany has apparently been suspended after one of the strangest news segments ever recorded. She can be seen slurring her words and stumbling as she appears to be ad-libbing.

Some are calling the broadcast a complete train wreck. It's definitely strange. This video could be the most bizarre video on the internet right now.

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New York Post

Here is the full video.

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