I assure you that these cupcakes are not made for the 1%. I'm talking of course about the 1% of people who are still sticking to their diet as part of a New Year's Resolution.

There's always room for dessert especially it involves a sensibly dressed Bernie Sanders.

The Hudson Valley s filled with so many great bakeries that's why I was shocked that something was missing from my feeds on social media this past weekend. I thought one bakery would attempt to model a cookie off of what is the most popular meme of 2021 so far and arguably last year.

A bakery near my hometown in Michigan quickly made their mark online. M Street Bakery in Howell, Michigan wasted no time in taking advantage of the viral picture.

The post of the cupcakes gained a massive amount of attention as it was shared over 700 times.

I debated asking my parents to visit the bakery and mail them to me but I fear I wouldn't be able to get any as they are literally selling like hot cakes. One fan commented on the post asking for 5 boxes in one day.

Can someone make them locally? I want to chow down on some Bernie Sanders cupcakes or cookies. Hudson Valley bakeries are always great at hopping on a viral trend. Where are they with the Bernie treats?

Maybe a local company already made them and I missed it. If that's the case can you please let me know? I'd love to get some before it's too late and we've moved on to the next meme.

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