I'm not one to take to the streets but this is something that I'm pretty passionate about right now. The day after the Super Bowl should absolutely be a holiday. If you don't think so then change my mind.

Super Bowl 55 is almost here. It's on a Sunday and it's also my birthday. I think I should get the day off on Monday and apparently I'm not alone.

It seems like every year this petition comes up. I usually don't care but this year my opinion has changed. Not just because it is my birthday but because this year's Super Bowl is special.

2020 was tough on all of us. It was especially hard for sports fans all across the country. I'm not the biggest sports fan by any means but in February of last year it we didn't even think that we'd have a football season but we made it to the Super Bowl. We should celebrate and party a little harder this year. That means that our employer should let us sleep in. We've worked hard and endured a lot during these past 11 months.

Change.org has several petitions regarding the matter.

According to WSFA, millions of Americans call in sick after the big game every year and it's a trend that's been increasing steadily since 2005. Why even pretend and make up a story?

Why can't they just give is us the day off?

Will you take the day off on the Monday after the Super Bowl or will you have to call in sick and play hooky?

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