The great weather debate of Halloween 2019...

For the past week or so, everywhere we turned, people were trying to figure out how were we ever going to survive the holiday with the rainy forecast. I swear there had to have been at least a dozen different threads in one of the mom groups that i'm in on facebook, with people asking, over and over, what others were going to do in the event of rain.

  • are you letting your kids go out if it rains?
  • did you buy ponchos?
  • do you have a back-up costume just in case?
  • what indoor trick or treat events actually happen on Halloween?
  • are you still planning to give out candy with the forecast?

People. Went. Crazy.

Come on, let's relax a little. The show went on, the rain was totally manageable (in my area anyway) and it really ended up being a decent night all around. Get this, I even sent my kid out without a jacket and sans rain boots - she walked around in her costume and sneakers - believe it!

Some places did cancel/reschedule Halloween events, check here for more information for make-up dates and postponement information.

Now though, the ultimate test of the holiday - which treats do we as parents sneak from the haul after the little ones go to sleep, and where do we hide them?

And another thing, time for pumpkin spice to move it along and make way for all things peppermint mocha - tis the season :)