Every Friday at 5 PM Simon counts down the top five most requested songs of the week with the WRRV Buzzcuts.

Muse makes its debut with their new song 'Something Human' on the countdown this week landing at number five. You can expect a new album from them in November. Dennis Lloyd keeps the momentum going with 'Nevermind' at number four in what is becoming one of the big hits of Summer 2018. Twenty One Pilots slips to number three while Imagine Dragons pass them this week with their new jam 'Natural'. Leaving Weezer as the clear-cut number one with 'Africa'. How long can they last on top? As much as we'd like to think forever, even this amazing cover version will only last so long.

5. Muse 'Something Human'

4. Dennis Lloyd 'Nevermind'

3. Twenty One Pilots 'Jumpsuit'

2. Imagine Dragons 'Natural'

1. Weezer 'Africa'