Remember the Atari Jaguar system? You're forgiven if you don't; it was kind of a last-ditch effort by Atari to remain relevant in the home console climate of video games in the 1990s. Based on many things--its horrible controller and inability to get companies like Capcom to produce games that were compatible with the system chief among them--the system flopped and its competition, Sega and Nintendo, continued to dominate.

But we were left with this completely insane Atari Jaguar promotional video from the mid-90s:

A black jaguar (why they named the system Jaguar and then used a black one... which everyone else identifies as a "panther" is perhaps indicative of the type of thinking that caused this thing to fail--Update: apparently they had TWO consoles in the works, the Panther and the Jaguar, and the Panther was canceled. My point stands) morphs into a woman... which morphs into a video game system?

This thing is absolutely bonkers and it needs to be seen to be believed. It is so wildly 1990s that it would be painful if it didn't rule so much.