It's hard to imagine Facebook as something other than the all-seeing, all-knowing technological juggernaut/Eye of Providence that it's become. Even watching The Social Network, you know where it's headed.

So this opportunity to see Facebook as a keg-on-the-floor, Scarface poster-on-the-wall mid-2000s startup is weird and fun.

Recorded back when it was called The Facebook, this interview is goofy, strange, and demonstrates a completely geeky Mark Zuckerberg long, long before he was the multi-billion dollar person he is today. Watching him try to explain what exactly Facebook even is and what he hoped to accomplish with it is funny enough, but hearing him talk about how he doesn't care about getting more users and that he prefers to be small and provide for just a handful of colleges is particularly ironic considering the 1.5+ billion users that regularly visit the website ten years later.

Check it out below: