Everything has a cycle, we know that, right?  Sometimes we aren't willing to part ways with items that have gone out of style because of sentimental value, or maybe because we are pack rats, or could be that we received some hand-me-downs and never bothered to open up the box.

Whatever your reason though, you just might be able to make some big bucks by digging through your cabinets, garage or attic.


Here comes the moneymaker - TUPPERWARE!  The older, the better in this case.

If you've been hanging on to that old pitcher, salad dressing container, or measuring cups, you'll make some dough (i'm talking money, not cookie or pizza dough), but according to today.com, here are the real money makers:

The most popular items, include those in the "Crystal" color, since Tupperware still makes replacement lids in that hue, as well as the midcentury "Millionaire" line of pinks, greens and blues. Other hot pieces include salt and pepper shakers with atomic stands from the 1960s and the gold canister produced in the 1970s

You can find out more about selling options and price ranges by checking out this article, or if you are really getting into this, by joining one of the many facebook groups dedicated to vintage Tupperware - who knew such a group even existed?

Now that I think about it, my parents totally tried to unload a bunch of old Tupperware when I moved into my first apartment and I turned it down because I was too cool for old kitchenware items....wonder if they'd still be willing to donate?! :)