I may be the wrong person to be asking this question, as I hate pickles, and i'm one of those people who freaks out when out at a restaurant and the pickle touches the other food on the plate - gross.  Here goes anyway, people really do drink pickle juice, out of the jar, because they like the taste?

I was scrolling through Instagram and saw someone post a picture and link to this 'hot item' in stores, canned pickle juice - WHAT?  The article even shows some facebook threads where people are discussing using pickle juice to combat muscle cramps.

The diply.com article quotes,

Say "good-bye" to standing in front of your refrigerator with a jar of pickles clutched in your hands. Now you can sit poolside and crack open a cool, refreshing can of the good stuff, which has a tasty tangy flavor.

No.  Thanks.

Upon some further research, it looks like this particular product, Gordy's "Fine Brine" - aka - pickle juice in a can, was first introduced in 2016, and people actually do go nuts for this stuff.

Where do you stand on the subject?

  • Team pickle juice is gross!
  • Team give me a can of the fine brine! Or,
  • Team i'll continue to sneak swigs of pickle juice from the jar in the fridge while nobody is looking.

I think you know where I stand...