Nobody wants to grow up. Some people will always be kids at heart so why should they have to pay full price? Here's some great news for those who have Peter Pan syndrome and never want to grow up.

If we learned anything from that giraffe from Toys R Us it's that kids never want to grow up. and if you like going out to dinner and ordering a grilled cheese, chicken tenders and a drink all for just $5 then you are in luck.

Recently, a debate has started about making kids menu items for adults as well. It's not fair that only kids can get a grilled cheese. A few friends came up with a little scheme.

In the days where identities and feelings rule above all, there is a new movement for grown ups who identify as just "big kids" to be able to order from the kids menu at restaurants.

Do you identify as a big kid? It may save you some cash the next time you go out to eat.

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