I got a text from my husband this morning that was kind of a weird way to start a Wednesday...

"Did someone steal our welcome mat?"

First I was angry, why would someone steal OUR welcome mat, is has our last name printed on it.  How rude!

Next I was concerned, was someone looking at our house, and is the welcome mat the first of more things to be stolen?

Then it clicked --- the wind!

The wind was WILD earlier this week, we established that when we looked out the window to find it looking quite 'Wizard of Oz' like outside.  People had some major damage to their homes - roof tiles, gutters, trees were all impacted by the 40-60mph winds we experienced.  What would stop by little welcome mat from going flying?

I went outside on a mission to find this mat, and it didn't take very long to discover that the wind had picked it up and launched it into the bushes that divide our property from the neighbors, oops.

I texted my husband back with the photo above, and a snarky comment about him not even bothering to look for it before making me freak out about someone stealing stuff from our house.

"Yay, you found it." - ugh, thanks guy.

Anything to add to my 'Weird Wednesday' experience?