Good news for Hudson Valley Restaurant goers, the original owners have returned to La Stazione Restaurant at 5 Main Street in New Paltz.

Photo Credit instagram lastazionenp

The news broke last week on various local Facebook groups that the original owner Rocco has returned to re-open La Stazione Restaurant in New Paltz. In these days of hearing about so many of our favorite Hudson Valley eateries closing it is wonderful to hear about one opening and going back to its popular roots.

According to the Instagram post reactions and the comments circling on Facebook many people are excited to see La Stazione return to it's original ownership from 1999 through 2013. Authentic Italian items that were popular at the restaurant for more than a decade have returned to the menu.

Phot Credit / Instagram Lastazionenp

If you are trying to find information about the return of La Stazione the best thing to do might be to stop in but you can also find them on Instagram as @lastazionenp and their new website is You can also call ahead for info (845) 256-9447.

Photo Credit Instagram Lastazionenp

Some would say that New Paltz is a town with too many restaurants but if you ask me I say it is a town with a lot of choices. You never have to get bored eating in New Paltz. I dare you to try to find a cuisine that New Paltz has overlooked. I am sure there is one or maybe even two but I can't think of what they could be.

Paty Quyn

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