Before we go any further...this is all the Hudson Valley rumor mill putting in work. With that being said, superstar Justin Bieber was ALLEGEDLY spotted in Beacon over the weekend.

Sadly, this article isn't to confirm or deny that the A-lister was actually in the area, more or so to have an open discussion on how it's very possible it could have been the Biebs in Beacon.

Was Justin Bieber Spotted at the Dummy Light in Beacon New York?

A little background for you, on Sunday, November 13th a post was made in a local town group on Facebook about a Justin Bieber sighting in Beacon. After several hours, no photos were provided, but someone did mention something about the singer taking photos by the Dummy Light.

Of course, most locals had fun with it saying Bieber was then seen at Max's enjoying Sunday night football. And while it's all fun and games, I'm here to say that Justin Bieber has ties to the Hudson Valley and could have been in Beacon.

Bieber was seen with his wife Hailey in New Windsor, New York back in 2018. The 2 were photographed shopping at Nature's Pantry. What brought the super famous couple to New Windsor? Well, it's all in the family.

Facebook Via Erika Madara
Facebook Via Erika Madara

Hailey Bieber, nee Baldwin, is the daughter of actor Stephen Baldwin who allegedly owns a home in New Windsor. Small world right?

Maybe Biebs was visiting the in-laws before the holiday season craziness and they decided to check out Beacon. It's a hotspot for most Hudson Valley visitors, especially the celebs. Woody Harrelson seemed to be a big fan while he was filming in the area in 2021.

vegetalienbeacon on Instagram
vegetalienbeacon on Instagram

The actor visited a popular locally sourced, plant-based, vegan cafe, Végétalien. 

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