Don’t you hate when you have somebody on your holiday list who already has everything they could possibly want? What kind of gift do you buy for that someone who needs absolutely nothing? Well, if that person happens to be a dog lover, this might be the perfect present.

The Ulster County SPCA is offering one of the best gifts ever for dog lovers… Carolin’ Canines! What is Carolin’ Canines? It’s a fun visit from the folks at the Ulster County SPCA and they’ll be accompanied by some of the cutest adoptable pups, all singing Christmas Carols at your door. Or the door of the recipient, as the case may be. Imagine the look on that dog lover’s face when this special gift arrives at their door.

Not only is Carolin’ Canines a great gift, it’s also a great fundraiser. All proceeds go directly to the shelter animals at the Ulster County SPCA. Carolin’ Canine day is coming up on Dec. 23, when the volunteers will be caroling through Kingston and the surrounding areas with the adoptable pups. Caroling includes a light-hearted seasonal song, pets and kisses from the pups, and a small present for the recipient. Now that’s what I call a one-of-a-kind gift that they'll never forget.

Are you interested in booking the Carolin’ Canines? Visit the Ulster County SPCA website for all of the details. While you’re there, check out the adorable adoptable animals, volunteer opportunities, and if you can, make a donation. Hope you have a doggone great holiday! 

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