If you are in your 40's, 50's or 60's and are from the Adirondacks, The Capital Region, Upstate, Downstate or out of state, it's quite possible that you spent time at the vaudeville themed amusement park, Gaslight Village in Lake George, New York.

Before Gaslight Village closed, the 15 acre property was filled by old time buildings and rides like the Space Shuttle, Water Bug and the Antique Cars. In the Opera House families could watch the Americana Ice Show Extravaganza, Vaudeville shows and the Meller Dramas.

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Gaslight Village closed in 1989 and later became Action Park. Today the land that the village stood on is known as Charles R. Wood Park, named after the former creator and owner of Gaslight Village. Lets recreate some of yesterdays fun today with a look back at Gaslight Village.

Gaslight Village - Lake George, New York

At one time Gaslight Village drew tens of thousands of guests each year to ride the rides, see the shows and make memories.

Storytown U.S.A. - Lake George, New York

Take a look back at Storytown U.S.A. in Lake George.