We all have ways that we kill time in waiting rooms or long car rides. Some people bring a book or a Kindle with them, some people are content to just hang out and enjoy the time to themselves, and still others just fiddle with their phone a little bit.

But on the extreme end of the spectrum, there are those of us who allow something that was previously used (or even created with the intention) to kill time to become something that actually consumes us.

I have become obsessed with a golf game on my phone, Pro Feel Golf. Like the real-world version of the sport, I find it to be an incredibly frustrating, finicky maze of agony through which I force myself to trudge.

It's actually insane how much time I spend playing this dumb game. I'm playing people online all over the world, I'm playing when I wake up and and getting ready for my day, I'm playing when I go to bed at night. I wait for--even anticipate--a lull in conversation or a social gathering so I can play this stupid thing.

It's actually gotten to the point where it's affecting my life. Loved ones hate this game. Brandi makes fun of me constantly for spending so much time on it.

Look, it's a dumb activity that I kind of do mindlessly; in the same way people tap a pen against the desk or use one of those stress-relief squishy balls while they think, this helps me focus. So, really, I'm using it as a work tool.

And also because I have to finally beat JumboRastaMan or whatever his name is on a 9-hole head-to-head matchup if it's the last thing I do on this earth.

So what do you spend more time on than you really should?