Is there a food that just makes you so uncomfortable when you see it, touch or even think about it?

I have quite the sweet tooth. There really isn't any candy I won't eat. I can't stand one particular candy but I wouldn't say I'm afraid of it.

It's almost Easter Sunday and it will once again be time to celebrate America's favorite candy. I'm talking about the amazing marshmallow and fluffy treat that we're blessed with once a year. Peeps are back on the shelves. They are more than likely Peeps that were made last year but either way they are font and center at our local shopping centers.

I hope my sarcasm came through in this article. I understand that Peeps are absolutely disgusting. I don't believe that Peeps are anyone's favorite candy. Some people don't like Peeps but others actually fear them. Can you believe that?

Some people really have Peep-a-phobia. I'm not sure if that's a clinical term but the taste and texture of the fluffy candy makes a lot of people very uncomfortable.

Doesn't it just have a sugar coating?

It does seem odd to me but I totally get it. If a food weirds you out then you're not alone. I am extremely uncomfortable around tapioca. I can't be around it. It's too gross looking. I think I associated it with fish eggs when I was younger and have grossed out by it ever since.

I've heard of some people not liking tomatoes for their texture. What foods make you cringe?

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