The best season ever is here: Girl Scout cookie season.

We all LOVE Girl Scout cookies. You may not love them all, but you definitely love at least one of them. Personally, Tagalongs and Trefoils are my favorites. But what I love more than Girl Scout cookies is pairing things with them. What better thing to pair with a Girl Scout cookie than a Hudson Valley made craft beer? I'll tell you what, nothing. Below is a list of what beers made in the Hudson Valley that I recommend pairing with your Girl Scout cookie, with some advice thanks to

Thin Mints-Stout says that the best beer to pair with Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies is a stout. As a stout lover, I personally recommend Joe Mama's Milk by Keegan Ales. Keegan Ales is located in Kingston. They're known for their Mother's Milk but I personally like Joe Mama's Milk better. It's a coffee stout. Coffee and mint? That sounds delicious, sign me up.

Samoas- German-Style Doppelbock
I'm going to argue Samoas are the grossest cookie, but people like them so I'll oblige. suggests a German-style doppelbock for the pairing. Look, I'll be honest here, I don't know a brewery in the Hudson Valley that makes a German-style doppelbock. But as a diehard German beer lover, I do know where to get some banging German-style beers in the area. I suggest Millhouse Brewing Company's Oktoberfest for a darker German-style or Captain Lawrence's Clearwater Kolsch for a lighter variety.

Trefoils- English Pale Ale
Trefoils are arguably the best butter cookie out there and says the best way to compliment that is with an English Pale Ale. For this one, I choose Peekskill Brewery's Paramount Pale Ale. It has citrus notes and a floral nose to complement the buttery cookie.

Tagalongs- Belgian-Style Quad
Tagalongs are hands down my FAVORITE Girl Scout cookie so I am most excited for this pairing. According to, you should pair the chocolate peanut butter cookie with a Belgian-style quad. I picked Estimation by Suarez Family Brewery. This is a Dusseldorf-style altbier, which is a German-style brown ale that is top-fermented. I know it's r a little outside of the Hudson Valley. But we pretty much consider anything in downstate New York the Hudson Valley at this point so I'm just rolling with it because the beer is that good.

Do-Si-Dos-Brown Ale
To finish off the list of classic Girl Scout cookie beer pairings, I present to you the Do-Si-Dos. A brown ale is the recommended pairing for this cookie, according to In my mind, there's no other choice than Newburgh Brewing Company's Brown Ale.

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