Columbus Day is held on the second Monday of October each year. It is one of the 10 holidays recognized by the US federal government.

What does this mean? Who is open? Will there be mail delivery? The day itself is held to commemorate Christopher Columbus arriving it what was to become 'the Americas.' It has been an official holiday since 1937.

Public schools are closed, along with most libraries, all federal and government offices. Expect banks to be closed as well. There will not be delivery of US mail on Columbus Day nor will there be trading on the US Stock Market. The biggest question a lot of people have is "Will trash be getting picked up?" Unless your particular trash pick up company tells you different, the few that I checked out in the Hudson Valley, will all be picking up trash on the Columbus Day Monday.

Do you know of anything else that is closed or won't be providing a service because of this Monday holiday? If you do, let us know.