Think that October is just the month that has Halloween, the 10th calendar month of the year, and the month right before the time change? Well there is more to this month than you might think.

October might be other things like the month you begin your Christmas shopping. Is it the month that you prep the house for winter? It could be all of those, but keep reading, October has more up its sleeve for all of us.

5 Facts you don't know about the month of October NY!

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  • The month of October is commonly associated with the celebration of Oktoberfest. In Germany (the home of Oktoberfest) the festivals actually start in the middle of September and run until the first weekend in October. This means that beer is great any day of the month.

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Were you born in October? Did you know this? Keep reading

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  • Where a few months of the calendar year have multiple birthstones, October only has one, the Opal. There are many superstitions regarding the stone of Opal, including that they will bring bad luck to those who wear it that were not born in the month of October. Another superstition is that Opals turn colors in the presence of poison.
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Are there food holidays in the month of October?

  • There are several 'holidays' in the month of October including National Bosses Day, the 16th, National Taco Day, the 4th, Halloween the 31st, National Kevin Day the 3rd, and ​National Transfer Money to Your Daughter Day, the 6th. Let's see if we can get the parents to celebrate that last day.

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What do people celebrate in the month of October?

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  • Let's not forget the month long celebrations that take place in the month of October including, but not limited to,  National Hair Month, National Pizza Month, National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and National Dessert Month.
  • The base of the word October is 'Oct' which means eight. How come October is the 10th month of the calendar year? In the Roman calendar October is the 8th month. The world operates on the Gregorian Calendar, thus October is the 10th month and August is the 8th month.

Favorite Pizza Toppings of the Hudson Valley

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Who Got The Title Of Best Pizza For New York?

According to a recent Lovefood article, they went on the hunt for the best pizza places in America.

According to this article, the experts decided that the best pizza in all of New York State was Rubirosa, located in New York City:

This New York institution was opened by Aj Pappalardo, the son of the founder of iconic Joe & Pat's in Staten Island. It's home to the trademarked Tie Dye pizza, with pesto swirled on top of the tomato, mozzarella and vodka base. There are nine pizzas on the main menu, or you can build your own. Customers love the traditional vintage interior of the small restaurant, plus there is seating available outside on the patio."

Here's some photos from the restaurant:

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