Thanksgiving 2020 will be a bit different, as many health officials are urging Americans not hold family gatherings amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Of course, there are many who will probably go ahead and ignore that advice. Anyhow, whether you're planning the usual Thanksgiving, or maybe enjoying your meal this year while Skyping with family from afar, you're going to want to know what food to bring. 

Does your family do the traditional turkey, stuffing, cranberry etc.? Should we hold off on the cranberry sauce this year? Maybe sweet potatoes instead? There's a lot of work that goes into the big meal even without a stupid virus going around. But now a study confirms what Americans are craving as their favorite side dish for turkey day, so this could make things a little bit easier for you.

A website called Zippia threw together a map of America's favorite Thanksgiving sides, broken down state by state. Zippia used Google trends to put together all their data, using twenty different of your favorite, or maybe least favorite, Thanksgiving sides. What does New York like?

According to the study, New York likes stuffing as their favorite side. Connecticut, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Massachusetts, and Vermont all seem to agree. Compare that to folks in the Mid-Atlantic and parts of the south, who go for mac n cheese instead. Texans love green bean casserole. Maine prefers a side salad. Kansas likes cream corn, Um, yuck?

Mashed potatoes were the overall favorite, with ten states ranking them as their number one side. As far as the sometimes maligned cranberry sauce option? Only New Hampshire said yes to cranberry.

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