The Hudson Valley is known for being amazing in the fall, but what's the best thing to do?

I grew up in the Hudson Valley. I know the region like the back of my hand. But whenever I have out-of-town friends visit the region, I suddenly have a memory dump and never know what to show them. That's exactly what's happening to me now. I have friends coming up from New Jersey to spend the weekend, and don't know what to do with them!

Should I show them the Walkway Over the Hudson? Should I take them to an apple orchard? What should we do!? This is where I need your help. I want to give them the full Hudson Valley experience. Of course, we want to do it safely and follow all COVID-19 protocols. We'll be wearing masks and socially distancing. So if you are going to tell me that I should go to a packed event, I will have to kindly decline.

There are so many great local businesses I would love to show them. We're checking out some breweries this weekend and local restaurants. But I haven't picked which exact ones yet. What are your recommendations? Do you have any wineries you would suggest?

The Hudson Valley also has some of the most amazing outdoor attractions. The hiking in the Shawangunks or Mt. Beacon is incredible. There are just too many options! I'm overwhelmed with choices.

What do you think is the perfect Hudson Valley fall experience? Comment on our Facebook to let us know.

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