Take two steps into any grocery store in the Hudson Valley and you'll know that Halloween is almost upon us.

Halloween is little over a month away and people are already getting their costumes in order and stocking up on treats to give the kids who take over the neighborhood.

If you're trying to please the huge crowd, then you may want to take some notes.

Every year CandyStore.Com shares their data that they have collected over the years and creates a map of the most popular candy by state. Some of the results may come as a shock to you.

For instance according to their research, Skittles are the #1 most popular candy in the United States. Another shocker, Candy Corn comes in at #6.

Quite frankly I'm disappointing in New York's candy taste. Coming in 3rd for New York is Hot Tamales, which are not the greatest if we're being honest, with 49,326 pounds sold. 2nd place is, again shocking, Candy Corn with 100,484 pounds sold. In the number 1 is...Sour Patch Kids.

New Yorkers bought 203,705 pounds of Sour Patch Kids.

No Reese Peanut Buttercups? What about Butterfingers? I'm shocked at the results.

What candy will you be passing around this Halloween?