Did you ever see a movie that had such an impact on you that it left you forever changed?

Movies are such an important part f so many of our lives. It can be educational, insightful or the the perfect escape from reality. According to Insider, Jason Derulo was discussing his role in the latest Cats movie and he shared how he thought the movie would change peoples lives. To his credit it may changes lives. The problem is that people need to see it first.

Do movies have the power to change lives?

From American Beauty to The Wizard of Oz what is one movie that changed your life?

For me it was probably Rocky IV. I remember seeing it and wanting take boxing lessons immediately. I had my dad sign me up at a local gym. I didn't realize how easy Sylvester Stallone mad it look. How did I do? Well, I'm not a professional boxer but it did get me into the gym, learn a new skill and develop some much needed discipline.

Was there a movie that had a powerful impact on you?


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