Do you drive around with your pet in the car? Maybe you are taking them to the veterinarian or just on a quick ride to pick something up at the store. Something that you may do pretty often, right? There is a proposed law that could go into effect on November 1, 2017, that will make versions of this thing you do all the time illegal.

Going forward, if you are say, riding in a convertible with your dog or you have them in the back of a pick up truck, the dog will now have to be restrained in a manner that will keep them from being either ejected out of the car during an accident or that keeps them from jumping out of the car and running into traffic. How exactly are you to make that happen? Possibly through the use of a seat-belt harness or a enclosed carrier that is somehow attached to your vehicle.

Here is a link to the bill under consideration, but here is a bit more of the wording:

Such cage or container shall be secured to the motor vehicle in such a manner as to prevent it from falling from such vehicle or from moving in such vehicle in a manner which creates a substantial risk of injury to the animal transported therein.

Yes, when you start reading the legal-ease of the written law, it gets a bit confusing. No, this law does not look like it is requiring pet owners with pets traveling in an enclosed car to make this precautions, just (at this time) cars/trucks that have open sides or tops.