If you're thinking Empire or Return of the Jedi this article might bother you. While I'm a huge fan of Star Wars, this is not about the original trilogy. I'm talking about a stand alone film that was about people and focused on the characters to move the story along. Special effects were required to make this story come to life however the film does not rely on these tricks to make the movie a timeless classic.

If you've never seen Willow then do yourself a favor and find a copy. I was fortunate enough to have a friend with a rather large DVD collection and since we are close in age, he possessed classics I have seen in over 25 years.

Willow is a story that could be compared to that of George Lucas' other "saga." A poor farmer longs to be more than what he his. Willow, the main character comes across a baby floating down a river. Taking the orphan under his wing he sets off on an adventure to find out who this baby is and why she is so important. Val Kilmer does steal the show with his wit & sarcasm while playing a reluctant hero looking for a home himself.

There's magic, medieval combat and fictional creatures that could only come from the mind of George Lucas and was complimented by the creativity of Ron Howard who directed the film.

This may be an 80s movie but after watching it again, the story is timeless. It's a great family movie and I recommend it for anyone who hasn't seen it and definitely worth a re-watch every so often.