Did you ever go to this place when it was open? If so, do you remember what the heck it was before they closed up shop?

Parts of Rte 9 can feel like a ghost town at times. It's sad to see so many vacant buildings in the Hudson Valley. It's good to remember these places. No matter how small the business is it is a little part of our local history.

I've passed a lot of old buildings in the Hudson Valley and wondered what they were years ago.

People love nostalgia. Whether you had a good experience at this place or not you might have some memories here.

Can you guess what this place was? Do you remember? We played a similar game with an abandoned and creepy looking building in Rockland County.

I also have to ask because I'm honestly not sure myself. I thought I was. I'm new to the Hudson Valley so I can't be much help.

Up until moments ago I thought this was the Sears Auto Center. Several other longtime residents of the Hudson Valley thought this as well. I tried to look this place up on Google Maps. It turns out that this place is next store to the old Sears Auto Center.

It's between the old Sears Auto Center and Shoprite near the Poughkeepsie Galleria.

Google Maps
Google Maps

So what is this place? It had to be some sort of auto repair shop or service center.

If you remember please let us know.

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