We all know you need a passport to travel internationally. Will you be required to have a new or separate vaccine passport in order to travel in the future?

Security for international traveler will constantly be changing whether it's to protect travelers from violence or illnesses. COVID may be a new concern for airways in the near future. Will you need a vaccine to leave the United States?

If you're eligible to get the COVID shot have you been vaccinated yet?

New York is currently in stage 1b of the COVID vaccination rollout plan. It's open to medical staff, first responders and people over the age 65. More and more people are becoming eligible but even as that is happening and more vaccination centers are opening many New Yorkers are still struggling to get an appointment.

According to the New York Times, you may need a digital passport that proves you got a COVID-29 vaccination in order to travel. Some countries are currently working on implementing such documentation.

There is concern over safety as the documentation may be held digitally.

In order for this process to work there may need to be a digital database to hold your proof of the vaccine. The database may also contain negative COVID-19 test results.

With so many major airports in New York, do you think that our airports will require a COVID passport?

Do you feel safe having your personal information on a database for travel?


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