This definitley solidifies that they will make a "National Day" for anything.

According to social media today is National Emoji Day. Yes, we are celebrating the fun smiley faces that we send to our friends and family in text messages.

In honor of National Emoji Day Research.Org did some digging and found out what was the most popular Emoji by state. Riveting stuff, I know.

The site was able to gather data of 45 out of the 50 states and came up with some interesting results. Texas obviously loves the fire Emoji and Florida is a big fan of the crying (sad not happy) Emoji.

New York's favorite? Is the monkey embarrassingly covering its eyes. Which actually isn't what the monkey is doing at all, according to the site "New York using this emoji is a classic example of a cultural meaning taking over intended use. This emoji is called “See-No-Evil Monkey,” and not “I can’t believe this cute/amazing thing just happened—I have to hide.”"

I honestly thought we'd be reppin' the poop Emoji, but that honor went to Nevada, Iowa, Oklahoma and West Virginia.

Lets narrow it down, what's your favorite or most used Emoji? Reply in the comment section using your go to!