Demolition of the long-abandoned Bennett College building in Millbrook has been ongoing since September.

Bennett College was a woman's college in Millbrook founded in 1890. The college sat on 22 acres in Millbrook (Dutchess County, NY) and in 1907 had 120 students and a faculty of 29. The two-year curriculum continued through the 1970s with generations of young women from prominent families attending the college over its 90-year history. Bennett College entered bankruptcy in 1977 and by 1978, they had closed their doors for good. Enrollment was around 300 students at the time of its closing.

Spectrum News 1 caught some of the initial demolition of the Bennett College building a few months back. See footage below.

So what's next for the Bennett College site? What will be done with the beautiful land that the college once sat on? Well, according to an MSN article, the former Bennett College site will receive funding that will allow the building of a public park on the site. It would be a gateway into Millbrook with a park and walking trails. County Executive Marc Molinaro said, turning the deteriorating, former Bennett College into a public park "will revitalize an important historical and cultural site located at the southern gateway to the village of Millbrook and return it to the public realm for future generations to enjoy."

What do you think about a public park on the former Bennett College site? I personally think it's a shame that the building couldn't have been saved and completely renovated, but with this being the case, I think a new public park will be a welcome addition to the area.

Bennett College, Millbrook, NY

The last piece to fall at Bennett College was Halcyon Hall and now that grand building is rubble on the ground.

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