It’s been a tough couple of years for all businesses, but it seems as though the restaurant industry has been hit the hardest. First it was covid, then it was a lack of people to staff the restaurants. Many eateries had to reduce their hours or close altogether. When things opened back up, business owners found it was hard to hire enough help to get back on their feet.

One of the restaurants that has been severely affected is The Anchor on Broadway in Kingston. They've closed, reopened with reduced hours, and tried their very best to keep things afloat. It’s not for lack of quality or customers, either. The Anchor is well loved, and the food is great. But if you have no staff to serve those customers, there aren’t many options. Right now, The Anchor is getting ready to close again, but hopefully will be back in some form. This week the dining room is closed, but they’re clearing things out at The Anchor.

According to their Facebook posts, this week will be the final week for The Anchor as you currently know it. They are offering a discount on many food items and beer for takeout. They are also selling $10 pay it forward meals to be donated to the local community.  The Anchor is open this week Wednesday - Sunday 11AM - 9PM for takeout, and will be closed after this Sunday, June 12… at least for a little while.

There is some good news to close out this story. The folks at The Anchor say that they to hope to be open the week of June 20 with a new business model that will be much more “sustainable in the current climate.”  What’s next for this popular Kingston restaurant? I’m not sure, but we wish them great success in their newest endeavor.

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